A fourth of Estonians made cross-border purchases in last 12 months!

The results of the latest Eurobarometer, the world’s largest research survey series, shows that approximately one third of the European Union’s (EU) population are interested in purchasing goods or services from other EU Member States.

25% of Estonians made purchases from other EU Member States in the twelve months prior to the survey. Purchases were mostly made during business or pleasure trips. The price of goods or services is often the determining factor for cross-border purchases – price differences may be quite large in different EU Member States; the price gap characterising a certain product may be as much as 30% between the most expensive and the most inexpensive countries.

Internet trade is also becoming increasingly popular and includes making purchases from Internet stores registered in other Member States. Nevertheless, seven consumers out of ten still prefer the usual face-to-face purchaing process in a shop as opposed to a purchase made through a different means of communication.

Most of the respondents admitted to feeling more insecure than at home when shopping in another EU Member State. This opinion is rather based on prejudice instead of experiences. It allows us to conclude that consumers need more information about their respective rights in the European Union. According to the results of the survey, consumers who are better informed of their rights also feel more secure when making the purchases.

51% of respondents say they were satisfied with their cross-border purchases and saw no reason to file a complaint concerning the purchased product or service. Nevertheless, the survey also revealed that people often have no idea that the benefits offered by consumer protection regulations are largely attributable to EU legislation and equivalent legal acts are applicable in the other 24 Member States.

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