Advice on passenger rights will be given in Tallinn Airport tomorrow

Tomorrow, on the 4th of July, cross European notification campaign Air Passenger Rights Day will take place. In the frame of this, information about air passenger rights will be delivered. It is possible to get advice and information materials in Tallinn Airport from 11.30 to 13.30 (journalists can take interviews at the same time).

Main organiser of this event is the European Consumer Centre Network (ECC Network). In Estonia, the event is carried out by the European Consumer Centre of Estonia being a part of the Consumer Protection Board. Director of the European Consumer Centre Kristina Vaksmaa finds that although the EU regulation regulating the passenger rights is in force since 2005, the awareness of passengers is limited and it prevents from finding solutions to problematic situations.

“Complaints concerning the passenger rights continue to be the main problems in the case of cross-border consumer transactions. Every year the centres of ECC Network receive more than ten thousand addressings concerning the air passenger rights. These complaints concern the delays, cancellations, not allowing to the board and problems with luggage,” Vaksmaa said. “The consumer complaints are greatly conditioned by the circumstance that the consumers are not aware of the air passenger rights and they are not able to ask for help or care in the case of problems.”

Thus, the basic message of the event tomorrow is that the consumers should be aware of their rights and that there are places to ask for advice as help as needed.

The Air Passenger Rights Day is organised in the airports of Europe already the second year. The purpose of the event the last year was also to increase the awareness of the passengers by creating the better assumptions for the solution of complaints and avoidance of the breach of passenger rights. The event is also recognised by the transport advisor of the European Commission Siim Kallas.

More information:
Kristina Vaksmaa, 
Director of the Consumer Centre of the Consumer Protection Board
Phone: 5 101 729