Consumer Satisfaction Survey

The Centre for the Study of Consumer Law in Belgium is studying how to improve consumer dispute resolution procedures.

To make sure we truly meet consumer needs,they are requesting that consumers complete a brief online survey about their feelings about consumer dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation, arbitration, and small claims court.

Survey is quite short and can be completed very quickly online at

Would you be so kind as to complete the survey BEFORE 31 May 2006.

If you help us by completing the study, there are two benefits:

1. You will help the European Commission improve how consumer disputes are resolved.
2. You will be enrolled in a lottery for prizes like a 50€ (USD$60) gift certificate and a trip for two to either Brussels or Prague.

More information about the survey (and potential prizes) can be found at

The survey is being conducted to assist European policymakers in improving dispute resolution options for consumers. The study is being administered by the Centre for the Study of Consumer Law at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and is entirely funded by the European Commission.