On the 7th of July the rights of travellers are paid a special attention to in the airports of Europe

July 6, 2011

Tomorrow, on the 7th of July a pan-European information campaign Airport Help Desk Event will take place. In the frame of this, information about the rights of air passengers is delivered in the airports. The event is carried out by the European Consumer Centres’ Network that has centres in all member states, including in Norway and Iceland. Centres of this network solve the consumer problems related to the purchase of goods and services from other member states. The work of this network is coordinated by the European Commission and a corresponding centre is active in Estonia as a part of the Consumer Protection Board.

Requests concerning the air passenger rights is a very actual consumer problem in Estonia and in the whole European Union. During the first six months of this year, more than five thousand requests concerning the air passenger rights have been received by the ECC network. This requests concerned the delays, cancellations, denied boarding and the problems related to the luggage. Complaints by the consumers are greatly conditioned by the circumstance that they as air passengers are not aware of their rights and they have no idea how to ask for help and care in the case of problems.

Tomorrow at 10.30-12.30 in Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, the employees of the European Consumer Centre of Estonia will give information about the air passengers rights and give advice to everybody who is interested. The purpose of this event is to enhance the awareness of air passengers and to encourage people to find out more about their rights and if necessary, to take measures to protect their rights.

Kristina Vaksmaa, the director of the European Consumer Centre of Estonia, confirmed that the practice unfortunately demonstrates that the delay and cancellations and luggage problems have become very common. Thus, it is important to notify the consumers that they should be aware of the rights and that they could ask for advice and help when necessary. The basic message of the event to be carried out in the airports of Europe tomorrow is: 'Pack a little consumer know-how, Europe offers you free help and advice'.

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Kristina Vaksmaa
Director of the European Consumer Centre of Estonia

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