Comparison of minimum criteria for 3-star hotels is now available

The ECC-Network study on comparison of minimum criteria for 3-star hotels is now available. This tool is meant to offer guidance to consumers when they are looking for a hotel in another European country.

Based on registered complaints, the ECC-Net has observed that the classification of hotels can be a problem to consumers when booking a hotel room in another country. In the year 2009, the ECC-Net registered 1721 complaints and information requests on accommodation services. Based on that the ECC-Net decided to undertake a comparative study of the 3-star hotels in the 27 EU-countries plus Norway and Iceland.

The purpose of the study is to provide a practical tool for consumers in search of information on which criteria a 3-star hotel has to meet in the country where they are travelling to. In the frame of the study the ECC-Net tried to find anwers to the following questions - What does a 3- star hotel really mean? Is it possible to compare the quality of a 3-star hotel between different countries? Can one expect to find the same type of quality and facilities when booking a 3-star hotel in different European countries?

Please find the report of the study via the following link.