The European Consumer Centre advises to travel as well-informed consumers

The European Consumer Centre calls consumers on to use actively the services and products, offered by the internal market of the European Union in summer months. The EU legislation provides all consumers with the minimum defense, regardless on where you make your purchases.

Summer is a period for active traveling and all internal market of the EU is opened for the Estonian consumers. Wide choice of goods and services, offered by the internal market, contributes to making your purchases in other member states.

It is essential to be aware of your rights as a consumer in order to feel confident and to know where to turn in case of possible problems when making purchases in other member states. Such information is available in the European Consumer Centre, which has been established by the Consumer Protection Board.

Similar centers are established in all member countries of the EU and they form an international co-operation network – European Consumer Center Net.

Most important rules in making purchases in other member States are as follows:

When traveling you should also be aware of your rights as air passenger, because the EU has developed a number of rights, which purpose is to assure fair conditions to all air passengers. Common rights apply to all domestic and international regular - and charter flights. It does not matter which member state company provides the service.