The report "Air Passenger Rights: Consumer Complaints 2005"

In February 2005 a new European Regulation (261/04) came into effect which gives consumers rights when denied boarding or when a flight is delayed or cancelled. In June of 2004 the Montreal Convention replaced the existing Warsaw Convention which introduced new rules on compensation for loss, damage or delay to baggage or persons. At the same time ECCs reported an increase in requests for information on the new rights and an increase in complaints and disputes. This increase continued throughout 2005 and air passenger rights continue to be one of the biggest areas of complaints handled by the ECC Net in 2006.

Hand in hand with the increase in air travel complaints, ECCs began to report some difficulties in resolving complaints and differences in interpretation of the relevant law. These reasons lead the ECC network to publish a Report which would analyse the nature of air travel complaints as received by ECC Net in 2005.

The report "Air Passenger Rights: Consumer Complaints 2005" can be fount HERE!