Trustmarks in Estonia

"Buyer Protection Guarantee" offers to consumers free money back guarantee in case the online purchase is completed from the web store holding the special protection certificate. Money back guarantee applies if the ordered and prepaid service will not be provided or goods will not be shipped to the consumer and the trader does not reimburse the money.

Buyer Protection Guarantee system provides assistance in case of problems, and if necessary, reimburses the consumer for the goods or service in the amount paid to the trader. Thanks to this extra warranty, consumers can purchase without financial risk.

The complaints filed to the “Buyer Protection Guarantee” system are handled promptly and the decision will be made within 5 working days. The service is offered only in case the purchases have been made from the e-stores holding the relevant “Buyer Protection Guarantee” certificate.More information about the certificate and the process itself can be found here –


“Secure shopping place" is an E-Commerce quality mark issued by the Estonian E-commerce Association”. E-shops marked with the relevant trustmark meet the criteria and the quality requirements set up by the Association. "Secure shopping place" quality mark provides e-shops the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors and present themselves to consumers as a reliable shopping place.

Quality Mark aims to increase the confidence of consumers, e-stores, and to raise the level of e-commerce. More information about the trustmark and the Estonian E-commerce Association itself can be found here