The network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) serves EU consumers shopping for goods and services on the European market, providing them with advice on their EU consumer rights and helping them with their disputes with traders in other EU countries.

How can ECC-net help me?

Protection of consumer rights and promotion of prosperity is one of the principal values of the EU.

To better implement these principles and help consumers feel as confident making purchases in member countries as they do at home, special European Consumer Centres have been created. One of the goals of these centres is to make consumers aware of the fact that their consumer rights are equally protected no matter in which Member State they make their purchases. Based on EU rights, minimum requirements have been enforced into the legislation of all Member States.

The centres located in member countries make up the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net). Cooperation and information exchange between the centres contributes to better consumer protection and to a faster solution for problems. The European Commission coordinates the work of the network, thereby promoting opportunities for consumers to actively take advantages of the Internal Market.

  • There is a European Consumer Centre in 29 countries - every EU country plus Norway and Iceland.
  • The Centres provide free advice on consumer rights and consumer help to EU citizens and consumers living in the EU (as well as Norway and Iceland) who are shopping abroad for goods or services in the European market.
  • The Centres are co-financed by the European Commission and national governments.
  • The Centres are hosted by national consumer authorities or consumer organisations, depending on the country.
  • In 2010-2011, ECC-Net handled over 71, 000 consumer cases per year!

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 ECC-Network in 2012