Did you know that according to the Estonian legislation the trader is obliged to accept you complaint and respond to it within 15 days?

How should you submit the complaint?

When a problem occurs you must immediately contact the trader. If the trader does not react to the spoken complaint, you should submit it in writing along with the copy of the document certifying the performance of a purchase.

Submitted complaint should include:

1. your name and contact details;
2. the date of submission of the complaint;
3. the defects of the goods or services;
4. the claim submitted to the trader.

Trader is obligated to accept your complaint and give you an answer within reasonable time, but not later than within 15 days. You have a right to ask for a written proof, that they have accepted your complaint. If the trader refuses to respond to your complaint or gives you an unacceptable answer, you can contact the officers of the European Consumer Centre of Estonia or you can or you can contact the European Consumer Centre of your own country.

If you should have any additional questions or problems you can always contact European Consumer Centre of Estonia.

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