Sucess stories

Dutch consumer versus Estonian car rental company
Dutch consumer rented a car in Tallinn. After returning the car and arriving home, he noticed that car rental company had overcharged 500 euros from his credit card. The overcharging was made without any prior warnings and explanations. Consumer contacted the trader. Trader explained the additionally charged amount with the fact that this is the penal fine for the consumer driving on the non-asphalt roads. Consumer contacted the ECC Estonia who forwarded the complaint to the trader asking for explanations. ECC Estonia also explained to the trader the principles of the law and unfair contract terms and insisted to return the 500 euros to the consumer, since it was charged without legal basis. The proceeding was successful and the car rental company finally agreed to return the overcharged amount to the consumer.

Consumer was happy with the result and sent to the ECC Estonia the following reply: “I am very happy with this result of your activities. Once again I thank you for your activities. I am happy to conclude that in matters of consumer rights the legal system works very well, transparent and quickly.”

Estonian consumer versus Latvian Air carrier
Estonian consumer bought tickets from Latvian air carrier: Tel Aviv-Brussels-Tallinn-Brussels-Tel Aviv, for him and for his family (wife and a child) for Christmas period. Consumer ordered the tickets 6 months in advance, in July. In September Air carrier changed the schedule and in its e-mail linked to the website to confirm the change. As the website did not work, consumer’s wife went to the air carrier’s office in Tallinn to confirm the changes. Two weeks before the planned trip consumer got another e-mail with another confirmation of the air carrier tickets. Nevertheless, on the day of the trip consumer found out in the airport, that his booking has been cancelled by the air carrier. Therefor consumer had to pay double in order to still make the trip home for Christmas. Consumer contacted the ECC Estonia who shared the case with ECC Latvia who contacted trader (air carrier) with this matter. Consumers’ monetary claim was approximately 800 euros.

In about two weeks ECC Estonia got a letter from the consumer: “Thanks again for all your help. Without your intervention, I do not believe that it would have happen. I am very happy that thanks to you, there is hope for the common man facing against large organizations. The money transfer to us and everything is ok now. I wish you all the best. Sincerely Mr. C.“

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